BeЕџiktaЕџ was able to break the resistance Slavia

BeЕџiktaЕџ was able to break the resistance SlaviaMatch 1 / 8 UEFA Cup between the Turkish "Besiktas" and the Czech "Slavia" was extremely eventful. Naturally, the with began with the attacks of Turkish players who were supposed to take revenge for the defeat in the first leg. Already in the 4th minute, the fans of beЕџiktaЕџ roared with displeasure when the referee signalled Mansize out of the game.But a moment later, already Dostalek kissed the ball meters 18, but hit the gate could not. Well in this episode played the goalkeeper Oscar Cordoba. On 14 minutes a great chance to put his team ahead shot Tomasz dosek. After receiving a pass from the right flank, he tried to send the ball into the left Cordoba corner of the goal, but missed. Читать полностью -->

Sell Rebrov too costly for Tottenham

Sell Rebrov too costly for TottenhamA sharp decrease in the activity listed on the transfer market and not too favorable transaction for the sale of the Ukrainian striker Sergei Rebrov in Fenerbahce are the reason that "Tottenham" suffered serious losses in the first half of the season. For the six months to 31 December 2002, the club lost 8.6 million pounds, whereas in the past the reporting period, by contrast, earned $ 2.9 million At the moment, his annual income barely reaches 32.8 million pounds."One of the main reasons that the club was in the red this season, is a bad deal for the sale Rebrov, where the club lost to 5.1 million pounds. In addition, the collapse of ITV Digital in the UK and the reduction of some other broadcasting companies in Europe in the beginning of last year, the overall drop in the price of the players and the recent introduction of the limited time available for pre-applications is strongly limited the possibilities of clubs in the transfer," said Wednesday Daniel levy, Chairman of Tottenham".. . . . Читать полностью -->

Yury Sevidov: Our team will bring a splash in Europe

Yury Sevidov: Our team will bring a splash in EuropeA match "the Locomotive" with the "real" specialists gave football a serious cause for reflection. The railroad showed good football, but lost again, never hitting the opponent's gate - the reasons for this result it is worth digging.I'll start with "real". Moscow, of course, waited from the Royal club and more. But first, with all the stardom and staffing composition del Bosque managed to replace Roberto Carlos. Simply couldn't. So from the left flank threat to the gate "Loko" almost was not. Читать полностью -->

Stefan Effenberg hopes that Borussia will play in the Champions League quarter-finals

Stefan Effenberg hopes that Borussia will play in the Champions League quarter-finalsGame players of Borussia Dortmund in the penultimate round of the second group stage of the UEFA Champions League against FC Lokomotiv Moscow, where the German champion won a major victory 3:0, was highly evaluated by the captain of Wolfsburg" Stefan Effenberg."We saw a great football played Dortmund, writes former captain of Bayern Munich at the German sports pages of the site, and continue to hope that German football will be presented in the quarterfinals of the Champions League". Despite the fact that real Madrid is the main competitor of Borussia Dortmund for the second ticket to the next round of the Champions League from group "C" - took up over AC Milan (3:1) and continues to stay ahead of Dortmund at one point, Effenberg believes that the chances of the German team in the 1/4 finals of the UEFA Champions League after defeating Russian champion has increased."A week from Madrid to Moscow will be more problems with Lokomotiv than we had with them in Dortmund, says former playmaker Bayern, against such teams as real Madrid are not playing every day. The players of "Locomotive" was a strong motivation for this match: say goodbye to the Champions League on a positive note. Real Madrid have much more difficult than in a meeting with AC Milan. It's one thing to play on a cozy "Satiago Bernabeu" and quite another to act in distant Moscow with her unusual conditions and poor weather. But, by and large, all in the hands of real Madrid".. Читать полностью -->

Budun Bodunov renewed the contract with Anji

Budun Bodunov renewed the contract with AnjiBudun Bodunov renewed the contract with Makhachkala "Anji". Today Anji must include in the application Makarova ("Zenith") and determining the future Abdurakhmanova (Chornomorets), Robson Souza ("Portuguesa, Brazil), sh Tarby ("Krasnodar-2000"). Sent back were on view Zhdanov, Smirnov, Archdiocese. Ex-captain "Rostov" Kupriyanov is likely to be announced only in the second round.. . . Читать полностью -->

In the leading European football powers comes Christmas break

In the leading European football powers comes Christmas breakIn the leading European football powers it (some already here) Christmas break. To the interim finish many participants of the championship Italy and Spain came up with a highly upset finances.For several days football press guessing on a blue garnet thick: whether there will be in Barcelona a change of government or to rectify the current unenviable position in the standings they are going to be with the former coach and the former President? The problem of "Barcelona" too at the hearing, to refer to them in detail. Confidently striding to the record Champions League (group matches BarГ§a have not lost any points), the Catalans meanwhile atrociously bad play in the national championship. At last, the 14th round, Barcelona lost at home modest "Seville" with the account 0:3, and the fans, of course, such a blow could not resist. White handkerchiefs and shouting "Get out!" to the Joan Gaspart and Louis van Gaal ? it's still not the most powerful test, which had to endure the President and the coach of the club. Gaspard day before yesterday expressed head coach full trust, stating that the current crisis ? a temporary phenomenon and the team will be able to overcome under the guidance of van Gaal. Читать полностью -->

Chernomorets. Now under the wing of the Governor

Chernomorets. Now under the wing of the GovernorDiseconomies Novorossiyskiy founded in 1960.In 1960 - 1991 - "Cement", 1992 - 1993 - "Ecris", 1993 - "Chernomorets".Best achievement in the USSR Championships - 1st place in the zonal tournament class "B" (1969) and in the second League (1988, 1989).The best result in the championship of Russia - 6th place (1997, 2000).Best achievement in the Cup of Russia in the 1/4 finals (1993/94).Stadium: Trud (12 000 spectators).The biggest win in the Premier League: 4:0 over "the Pearl" (1995), "Tyumen" (1997), "Wings of the Soviets" (1998) and "Dynamo" (2000).The biggest defeat in the Premier League: 0:6 - from "Uralmash" (1995).In October last year I asked the Chairman of "Chernomorets" George antoniana: when he believed that the team, successfully serving under his financial and moral guardianship in the first division, will return to the Premier League? The interviewee answered quickly and succinctly: "as soon As pulled out of the purse money and invested in the team." If we consider that the businessman invested "their money" since when "Chernomorets" miserably failed the season in 2001 and has dropped in class, such iron certainty could only envy.But during the above mentioned conversation Novorossiysk team already stood with one foot in the Premier League, disproving the dire predictions of skeptics. And Antonian with their fellow entrepreneurs, wallets which also lost weight, have already looked into the future and making plans for the upcoming season given its novelty and the additional costs that this novelty will inevitably bring. Plans were equally touched and future expenses, and structural transformation in the club, and composition of the team, able to fight in Krakovitch elite echelon.But the end of last year, when the euphoria from the quick return of team full circle, slowed down, turned out to be complex and uncertain. Evil tongues spoke about the imminent collapse "Chernomorets". They were especially inspired by the fact that it has been appointed as head coach Vladimir Shevchuk, having been in Novorossiysk for a week, back in the suburbs. Читать полностью -->

Korea is looking for a replacement Hiddink

Korea is looking for a replacement HiddinkThe South Korean football Federation is looking for a new coach for their national team. The most likely candidates for this post - the Frenchman Bruno Metsu and Portuguese Humberto Coelho. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Di VAIO got injured

Di VAIO got injuredJuventus forward Marco Di VAIO was injured during training and will not be able to participate in the coming matches of his team in Serie a against "Modena" and in the Champions League against Basel. Club's head coach Marcello Lippi said that in this regard will be forced to change the tactical scheme of the team. Obviously a couple of David Tressage in the attack at the Bianconeri will be Marcelo Salas or Marcelo Zalayeta.. . . . Читать полностью -->