Army pace while anyone can not support

It was after his explosion and the transmission mounted in the 68th minute the ball was in the center of the penalty of the army. Blow Mysina head caught unawares successfully spent the entire match Mandrykin and the bill was reduced to 1:2. The goal spurred the hosts and was much cheered by fans. Each successful action of the hosts on the field, each intercepting the ball was followed by thunderous approval from the stands. Five minutes before the end of normal time Aldonin ventured aiming to hit a long shot from the corner, but the ball flew just over the bar. Two minutes later dangerously close to the gate, knock Krivova, but the judge, who was on the opposite side of the penalty area, did not dare to assign a penalty on the outcome of the meeting. By the end of the game, the teams exchanged two-edged attacks. First Semak could bring all the efforts of Volgograd to equalize to zero. However, to put a point in this match prevented him Pareiko, reflecting a dangerous blow. In stoppage time, have not used their moments Zubko to come running to the aid of the penalty area Oleinikova. They tried to close the transfer of its partners in the penalty area. And if in the first case Zubko simply prevented stalwart defenders of CSKA, pushing him in the back, then in the second episode of Alenikov simply missed. In conclusion, I would like to say a few flattering words about beautiful and most importantly a confident game of the goalkeeper of CSKA of Benjamin Mandrykin. But after the episode that happened in the last seconds, just hand is not raised. Its positive reputation he lubed himself by running the ball at the boy, putting the ball behind the goal. And behind the chief justice. To help the kid came linesman, who drew attention to this act of the goalkeeper, and justice is done - "the offender was punished by a warning. Typing on six points after two rounds of CSKA on a couple of "Zenith" has headed standings. But the "Rotor" next matches to perform in the role of outsider. First of all I want to thank the owners for good preparation for the championship. I remember the match of the national team of Russia in Volgograd against Albania and in the future will do everything possible to play again in your city. As for the game itself, we were two combinations that resulted in goals. Even helped us confident game our goalkeeper. But overall the game was hard, in turn liked the "Rotor" because of their aggressiveness. Aggressive played Mysin and Zubko, but they don't have enough skill. Played flawlessly in his place Aldonin. In connection with the forced replacement Kusova (he felt bad) the game of our team has changed, though not for the better. In the end I'm happy and, above all, that we won. First of all, I would like to apologize to those who prepared the field for the match that didn't win. After a simple bulk of the rival our defence simply flinch and let them score two goals. However, the team showed that they can play, act combinational and most importantly - she has her own handwriting. If we had scored earlier, the game could change. But today we just didn't have luck. Frankly did not like the position of Central defender Romanov. The player is afraid to go into combat. First of all, he needs to adjust to it and psychologically for the game in General. This is why he was substituted at Mogilev, the output of which is in the defense of the existing holes were patched. Very good showing the Skrylnikov, which was turned off Guseva from the game on the wing, but he actively participated in the attacks. Mysin, 68 - Gusev, 11, Semak, 14 Novels, 41 - Popov, 38, Yanovsky, 53,], 90 on March 22. Volgograd. The Central stadium "the Rotor" Pareiko, Aldonin, Alenikov, Novels, Radkevich, Smirnov, Skrylnikov, Mysin, Zubko, Krivov, Esipov the], V. Berezutski, Shershun, A. Berezutski, Laizans, Jarosik, rahimić, Kusov (Yanovsky 46), Semak, Gusev, Popov Guards (Kaliningrad).

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